OPMVSB offer the following services:

▪ Feasibility, Economic Studies & Site Investigations
▪ Consultancy, Specialist Advise & Training
▪ Planning, Project Designs, Project Management
▪ Materials Supply, Installation, Supervision & Commissioning
▪ Corrosion and Operation Failure Analysis
▪ Corrosion Monitoring

OPMVSB provides special surveys on pipelines and variety of structure using a range of techniques including:

▪ ECDA – External Corrosion Direct Assessment
▪ CP Audit – Cathodic Protection Audit Work
▪ DCVG – Direct Current Voltage Gradient
▪ CIPS – Close Interval Potential Survey
▪ PCM – Pipeline Current Mapping

OPMVSB also supplies some most cutting edge cathodic protection materials and instruments, included:


▪ Magnesium Anode (all grades and forms)
▪ Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Anode (tube, wire, mesh, plate)
▪ Zinc Anode (including ribbon and bracelets)
▪ Aluminium Anodes (all forms)
▪ Platinised Titanium Anode
▪ Silicon Iron Anode (Si-Fe-Cr Anode)
▪ Electro-chlorination cells


▪ Air-cooled Type (normal or convection)
▪ Oil-cooled Type
▪ Switch Type – SCR’s Transistorised Controlled Type
▪ Manual Type (manual-tapped system)
▪ Automatic Type (auto-potential controlled system)


▪ Coke Breeze & Calcined Calcined Coke
▪ Thermit weld equipment & accessories
▪ Anode-controlled junction boxes
▪ Cathode-controlled junction boxes
▪ Bonding boxes
▪ Test and terminal stations

i. Plinth Mount Type
ii. Flush-in-concrete Type
iii. Pole Mount Type
iv. Non-metallic High Impact Resistance

▪ Reference Electrode

i. Ag/AgCl (Silver/Silver Chloride)
ii. Cu/CuSO4 (Copper/Copper Sulphate)
iii. Zn (Zinc)

▪ Test and Inspection Instruments

i. Direct Current Voltage Gradient Equipment (DCVG)
ii. Data Logger
iii. Pipe Detector/Locator (included ultra depth type)
iv. Digital Multimeter
v. Holiday Detector
vi. Current Interrupter

▪ Insulating Materials

i. Flange Insulation Kits
ii. Etc


▪ Zinc Tape – Thin Film Anode
▪ ZLA – Zinc Layer Anode


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