OPM VENTURE SDN. BHD. (formerly known as CORRTROL VENTURE SDN. BHD.) provides equipment and services for Corrosion Engineering and Cathodic Protection for Pipelines (onshore/offshore), oil refineries, jetties/bridges, storage tanks, power stations and process plants, steel piling and subsea structure.

We were founded on values of customer service and most importantly, enjoyment in everything we do. Coupled with our enduring involvement with the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE international) and an employee education fund, our many challenging projects offer ample opportunity for skills development.

We are seeking the best and the brightest to join our teams at all levels. We are primarily an engineering company, however prior engineering experience isn’t necessarily required since from time to time we have a range of opportunities in areas such as Administration, Human Resources, Health and Safety, Quality Management, Project Management and Manufacturing.

If you have a keen interest in joining a dynamic organization and have a desire to protect the environment, fellow citizens and the prosperity of the community that you live, please join us today.